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BT&T Life Ltd.

Company Information
Address Dufourpark / Rötelistrasse 16
9000 St. Gallen
Country Switzerland
Phone +41 (0) 71 274 24 75
Business Sector Investment
Brief Overview BT&T LIFE Ltd. invests mainly in equities and equity-related instruments issued by companies in any part of the world engaging in following industries: lifetechnology, information, food and environment.
Chief Executive Officer Dr. Walter Meier
Chairman of the Board Dr. Walter Meier
Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, St. Gallen
Going Public
Exchange Swiss Exchange - Investment Companies
IPO Date September 21, 2001
Share Identification Number 1227525
Symbol BTL
Lead Underwriter ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Amsterdam, Zurich Branch
Total No. of Shares in Issue after Going Public 6,000,000
No. of Offered Shares 6,000,000
Total No. of Issued Share 100%
First Day Close CHF 24
Numbers (in 1000 CHF)
Last Fiscal Year End Date Prior to Going Public June 30, 2001
Equity on Last Balance Date 173,670
Total Assets 180,659
Ratio of Equity to Total Capital on Balance Date 96.1 %
Numbers relate to the first interim consolidated financial statement, dated june 30, 2001.

The Company has been incorporated on 17 May 2001 and is registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of St. Gallen since 18 May 2001.

It is the current intention of the Directors not to declare any dividends and to reinvest any amounts available for distribution in accordance with the investment policy of the Company.

Any investments of the Company must be made in accordance with the following guidelines: investments may be made in an unlimited number of companies; investments may be made up to 150% of the Company's equity capital; short selling may be effected up to 50% of the Company's equity capital; the Company may use option strategies; the Company may apply currency-hedging strategies.